Privacy Policy

Blue Jay Capital is committed to this Privacy Policy. Blue Jay Capital (“we,” “us,” “our”) has full respect for the privacy of our clients, staff, and representatives (“you,” “your”), and we value the confidential and personal information you share with us. This Privacy Policy explains our practices concerning any information collected by Blue Jay Capital through the use of our Blue Jay Capital website, our mobile application, and our services (collectively referred to as “Services”).

In this Privacy Policy, we describe the type of information we collect, the purpose for collecting information, your consent to share information, how the information is used, how we protect the information, security procedures, retention policy, your privacy options, and how to manage a compliant or concern. By using our Services, you consent to our Privacy Policy herein in terms of the collection and use of your information.

We regularly evaluate this Privacy Policy against new business practices, technologies, and your needs, and make changes to the Privacy Policy at will on this page, with reference to the effective date. Your continued use of our Services after posting any changes to this Privacy Policy, means in fact that you agree to these changes.



When you receive Services from Blue Jay Capital, a registration is required whereby we ask you to provide some personal information. Personal information is anything about a person that identifies them such as credentials, demographics, communications preferences, and investment interests. Below are ways in which you may provide Blue Jay Capital with information:

  • In a Blue Jay Capital online account registration.
  • Through a help request, customer services inquiry, or online form.
  • When you participate in our Services features: message boards, polls, surveys, promotions, contests, or discounts.
  • When you contact us about employment opportunities.
  • Upon your request for any of our Services.

All personal information is protected, regardless of its form, whether it is written, spoken, or provided in any online format.



Collecting personal information about you is a necessary process in order for Blue Jay Capital to provide you with Services. The information we collect varies according to the Services we provide for you as well as the legal requirements imposed on us. The purpose for collecting information about you is identified based on the actions you are performing. Some examples include when you submit an application, open an account, or submit a claim. The main purpose for collecting information is based upon the products or services you request that involve confirming identity, protecting against fraud, or other matters that involve our business relationship.



When we collect personal information in the ways described herein, we obtain your consent to use this information for the purpose we disclose in this Privacy Policy. For any additional purpose, or if a purpose changes, we will obtain your consent.

As part of our process, we seek your written consent in order to use, collect, or disclose any personal information as it pertains to the Services we provide you. Where appropriate, we may accept your verbal consent, or we may imply consent where it is inferred based upon your actions. You, an authorized representative, or a person with power of attorney must give consent.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time based on contractual or legal restrictions. We inform you of any consequences or that we may not be able to provide Services. If you choose to withdraw your consent, we will record this decision.

In some circumstances, we have the right or the obligation to use, collect, or disclose personal information, without your knowledge or consent. This should only occur when a legal, medical, or security situation makes it difficult or impossible to seek your consent. Some examples include the cases in which information is needed for an investigation of a possible breach of contract, detection or prevention of fraud, for law enforcement purposes, or if you are a minor, ill, or incapacitated.



We limit the collection of your personal information to the purposes we disclose. We collect any information directly from you unless you allow us and require us to collect information from a third party. We cannot and will not use your personal information for any other purposes, without your consent, except as required by law. Below are some examples of how we use your information:

  • Verify your eligibility to use our Services.
  • Get know you and your needs (demographics, what Services and features are needed, etc.).
  • To improve our Services.
  • Administer Services or resolve any issues.
  • Communicate and deliver information.
  • For customer support.
  • Perform customer functions.

If necessary, we will occasionally share your personal information with agents or service providers if it pertains to the proper administration of our Services. These agents or service providers agree to comply with our Privacy Policy before they receive this information. We are responsible for control of your personal information and any information that may be transferred to us by a third party for processing.



We cannot and do not disclose your personal information outside our company to anyone unless we have your consent, or as required by law. Your personal information is accessible only to certain authorized persons, and only to the extent necessary to perform duties pertaining to our Services. You have the right at any time to request to whom any information is disclosed. Only in a rare instance are we prevented by law from making this disclosure. We maintain accurate records as to when and whom any personal information is disclosed and under what circumstance.



Your information security is confidential and protected against theft or loss, damage, disclosure, unauthorized access, use, copying, or modification to the best of our ability. Our protection methods include security clearances, limited access on a need-to-know’ basis, physical precautions including building and container security, screened visitor access, and offsite data backup and recovery. We use current technology passwords, firewalls, encryption, virus protection, and secure operator access. No security system can always be 100% effective; therefore, we cannot completely ensure the security of the information we have collected.



We retain your personal information only for the duration of time it is needed and only for the purpose it was originally collected. We destroy this information based on the law and our company retention guidelines. When your personal information is destroyed, we ensure that no unauthorized person can access or handle the information during our destruction process.



When it comes to the personal information we have collected from or about you, you have the right to be informed. You have the right to inquire about how we collect your information, how we use it, and to whom anything may be disclosed. With a written request, this information will be provided within a reasonable time, and we may be required to charge a fee to process your request.

Under certain limited circumstances, we may refuse to provide you with any requested information. Some exceptions to your access rights include information that is costly, contains reference to others, cannot be disclosed for legal, security or proprietary reasons, was obtained during an investigation, breach of contract, or fraud activity, or that is subject to solicitor, client, or litigation privilege. In a case in which we hold medical information about you, we have the right to refuse to give out access to this information but we may instead request a health care professional be authorized to provide such information to you.

At any time, you may challenge the completeness and accuracy of your personal information. We will always respond within a reasonable time via an amendment request at the address below:

Privacy Officer
Blue Jay Capital
240 Crandon Blvd., Suite 250
Key Biscayne, FL 33149



Our team of employees and representatives at Blue Jay Capital are trained to respond to your concerns about the privacy of your personal information. If you should have a complaint or concern about the protection of your personal information, it should be addressed with our Privacy Officer.